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Founding President of NGO - Emeritus Professor Hasan Aziz (right) and Founding Secretary of NGO - Professor Shaukat Ali (left)
Neurology Research & Patient Welfare Fund (NRPWF) is a registered (Registration No: DSW -360, dated 12-03-1989), CBR-exempted (under section 47 of Income Tax Approval No: RCIT-JUD-47/266/92-21-2-2148 dated 08-04-1992; NTN: 1533406) NGO founded by Prof. Hasan Aziz and his team of doctors at the Department of Neurology, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Karachi, Pakistan in 1989. The main objective of the NGO at initiation was to provide optimal facilities to the poor patients visiting the Department of Neurology, JPMC for treatment of various acute and chronic neurological disorders and to encourage and support all departmental research activities. In the last two and half decades NRPWF is primarily focusing on epilepsy-related activities.
Projects of Neurology Research & Patient Welfare Fund (NRPW
Projects of Neurology Research & Patient Welfare Fund (NRPW

Comprehensive Epilepsy Control Programme of Pakistan

Comprehensive Epilepsy Control Programme of Pakistan (CECP) was initiated in March 2001 with the aim to address all epilepsy-related issues in entire Pakistan. It is a formal systematized extension of the not so regular individual or organizational epilepsy-related activities by the NRPWF President and then Head of the Department of Neurology, JPMC since 1985. CECP activities are formulated and executed by a small team of volunteer neurologists and some concerned citizens under two titles.

• National Epilepsy Centre (CECP-NEC) for holistic medical management
• Epilepsy Support Pakistan (CECP-ESP) for Epilepsy Awareness

CECP-NEC and CECP-ESP work in tandem which defines the true essence of ‘holistic management of epilepsy’ and the outcome is far more effective.

NRPWF's Other Projects

Upgradation of Department of Neurology, JPMC ​

Several projects for enhancing the facilities at the Department of Neurology, JPMC was undertaken by NRPWF. To facilitate diagnostics in the department purchase, installation and maintenance of diagnostic equipments including 500 MA X-ray with fluoroscopy, a 16-channel digital EEG machine, an Evoked Potential, Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Machine was provided. It undertook the project of restructuring and extension of in-patient ward, with space allocation for potential ICU along with relocation of its Out Patient Department. An educational wing with a library was constructed with complete furnishings. NRPWF has supported several departmental research activities.

Najmuddin Auditorium Complex, JPMC

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi is Pakistan’s premiere postgraduate medical institute and pioneer in holding annual medical conferences in the country with delegates from all over Pakistan and foreign countries participating in it. Numerous such conferences have been held mostly with make-shift arrangements. Great need for a proper auditorium / seminar rooms complex had been voiced for decades but nothing concrete materialized. In 2002, NRPWF pledged to present this premier institute, an auditorium complex to fill the void of this much needed facility.

NRPWF conceived and planned this project and obtained approval from the Ministry of Health, Federal Government of Pakistan. Under a signed MOU between JPMC and NRPWF It was constructed, furnished and equipped. This entire project was financed by a single gracious philanthropic family who wishes to remain anonymous.



This purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility provides space for concurrent series of lectures, workshops, symposia, under one roof. Located in the heart of JPMC it has convenient access to all departments. It is hoped by the donor as well as the NGO that this auditorium complex will be used only for academic activities.

Emergency Operation Theatre Project (EOT Project), JPMC

This EOT project, commissioned in 2002, was initiated and run under the aegis of NRPWF. It was later handed over to The Accident & Emergency Foundation (AEF), a newly formed and registered trust. Emergency operation theatres are operational 24-hours where all emergency operations are performed totally free of cost. It is a venue of national and  international operative procedure workshops and telemedicine.

NRPWF Annual Reports

Thirty years of NRPWF - December 28, 2019

Neurology Research and Patient Welfare Fund (NRPWF) completed its 30 years as an NGO dedicated towards people with neurological disorders especially epilepsy. A small lunch was organized which was well attended by new as well as old colleagues of the NGO. The founding President Emeritus Professor of Neurology Dr Hasan Aziz was accoladed for his dedication and memento of appreciation was presented to him by the NRPWF team. The event also celebrated Prof Hasan’s 50 years of service at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) and in recognition was honoured by Prof Muhammad Iqbal Afridi – Dean of JPMC and Head of Department of Psychiatry, JPMC.  

NRPWF Managing Committee

Prof. Hasan Aziz

Vice President
Prof. Shaukat Ali

Dr. Zarine Mogal

Dr. Hiba Mahmud

Managing Committee
Mrs. Masuma Lotia
Ms. Mariam Halai
Ms. Firoozeh Mogal
Dr. Lubna Ayub
Prof. Syed Wasim Akhtar
Dr. Abdul Latif Mian

T. Ali & Co.

Lack of awareness, misconceptions, stigma & marginalization cause more misery than the condition itself. With medical, social & psychological treatment, public awareness to change the public mind-set is necessary. National Epilepsy Centre (NEC). Karachi, operational since 2012 is the only tertiary care centre in Pakistan exclusively for holistic epilepsy treatment, education, research and public awareness.

Our landmark paper, Epilepsy treatment gap and stigma reduction in Pakistan: A tested public awareness model was published in a reputable medical journal in end Dec 2019. The paper was received with accolades from entire medical especially neurology community for its groundbreaking approach towards reduction of treatment gap in a poorly resourced country.