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ASEPA-ANZAN EEG Teaching Course
November 18 & 19, 2017 – Karachi

National Epilepsy Centre (NEC) and Epilepsy Association of Pakistan (EAP) organized first kind a methodological hands-on teaching course in Electroencephalography (EEG) in Pakistan through the aegis of International League Against Epilepsy’s (ILAE) Asian Epilepsy Academy (ASEPA). ASEPA-ANZAN (Australia and New Zealand Association of Neurologists) EEG Teaching Course was held in Karachi for neurologists and neurology trainees from all over the country. This unique hands-on EEG teaching course being introduced the participants with the basic technical & clinical aspects of EEG reading in adults and children in a methodological manner. The ASEPA-ANZAN faculty consisted of Dr. Andrew Bleasel (Austarlia); Prof. Chong-Tin Tan (Malaysia); Emeritus Prof. Jing-Jane Tsai (Taiwan); Prof. Lim Kheng Seang (Malaysia); Dr. Yotin Chinvarun (Bangkok); Dr Choong Yi Fong (Malaysia); Dr. Chin-Wei William Huang (Taiwan); Dr. Ahmad Rithauddin (Malaysia) and Dr. Zarine Mogal (Pakistan).

Edhi Memorial Lecture – CME For Family Physician at ESSA Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre
October 21, 2017 – Karachi

As part of Edhi Memorial Lecture a continued medical education (CME) on diagnosis and management of epilepsy for family physicians was held in collaboration with Essa Laboratory and Diagnostic centre. This was the 524th CME, being organized by Essa centre over several years. About 60 family physician and some medical internists attended.

Edhi Memorial Lecture – Jinnah Sindh Medical University
February 18, 2017 – Karachi

Lecture on epilepsy diagnosis and management for Final Year students at Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU), the future health caregivers was held as part of Edhi Memorial Lecture Series. About 250 students attended the lecture. Various topics were covered about epilepsy; presentation, cause, treatment and management.

ILAE-ASEPA Teaching Course in Epilepsy
December 1&2, 2016 – Lahore
December 3&4, 2016 – Karachi

A two-day Teaching Course in Epilepsy was conducted in Lahore and Karachi. The course was organized by Asian Epilepsy Academy (ASEPA) an educational arm of Commission on Asian & Oceanian Affairs, International League Against Epilepsy, in collaboration with National Epilepsy Centre (NEC) and Epilepsy Association of Pakistan (EAP). The ASEPA tutor speakers included Emeritus Professor Jing Jang Tsai (Taiwan), Professor Chong-Tin Tan (Malaysia), Dr. Zebunnessa Rahman (Australia), Dr. Ahmad Rithauddin (Malaysia) and Dr. Zarine Mogal (Pakistan). Emeritus Professor Hasan Aziz (Pakistan) was the guest speaker. The workshop was a combination of didactic lectures and interactive case-based discussions which comprehensively covered all aspects of diagnosis, treatment and holistic management of epilepsy in adult as well as paediatric population.

ILAE-ASEPA Teaching Course on Focal Epilepsy, EEG Training Workshop and ASEPA-ASNA EEG Part I Exam
January & February 2011 – Karachi & Lahore

The Asian Epilepsy Academy (ASEPA) conducted a teaching workshop on Focal Epilepsy organized by National Epilepsy Centre (NEC) and Epilepsy Association of Pakistan (EAP). The workshop was held at Pearl-Continental Hotel, Karachi. International speakers from ASEPA included Dr. Ryuji Neshige, Dr. Yasumichi Koide and Dr. Yushi Inoue from Japan, and speakers from Pakistan were Dr. Zarine Mogal, Dr. Farah Minhas, and Prof Hasan Aziz. A comprehensive layout of topics was covered during the lectures. Neurologist from all over Pakistan attended the course. The workshop helped to stimulate their interest in the development of epileptology in Pakistan. The workshop was followed by 4-days EEG training workshops by Dr. Neshige in Karachi and Lahore. These trainings were highly appreciated by the participants. The ASEPA-ASNA EEG certificate examination part 1 was conduction on 30th January; 18 candidates took the exam.

Three Tiered Epilepsy Workshops for Neurology Trainee

Workshops for Primary Care Physicians

Lack of awareness, misconceptions, stigma & marginalization cause more misery than the condition itself. With medical, social & psychological treatment, public awareness to change the public mind-set is necessary. National Epilepsy Centre (NEC). Karachi, operational since 2012 is the only tertiary care centre in Pakistan exclusively for holistic epilepsy treatment, education, research and public awareness.

Our landmark paper, Epilepsy treatment gap and stigma reduction in Pakistan: A tested public awareness model was published in a reputable medical journal in end Dec 2019. The paper was received with accolades from entire medical especially neurology community for its groundbreaking approach towards reduction of treatment gap in a poorly resourced country.