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It’s Not About What You Have or What You’ve Accomplished
But What You Have Given Back

Volunteer to support individuals with epilepsy and make a significant positive impact.  Become NEC-EVo (Epilepsy Volunteer).


How Can You Help


Awareness & Education

  • Volunteer to organize or participate in community events to raise awareness about epilepsy, its causes, and how to respond during seizures.
  • Creating and distributing informational materials like brochures, pamphlets, or online resources to disseminate accurate information about epilepsy.

Support Groups

  • Volunteer to lead or assist in support groups for individuals with epilepsy and their families, providing a platform for sharing experiences and coping strategies.
  • Offer your time to moderate online forums or chat groups where people affected by epilepsy can connect and support each other.


  • Help promote policies that support individuals with epilepsy and raise awareness at the legislative level.
  • Advocate for better understanding and inclusion of people with epilepsy in schools, workplaces, and other community settings.

Training the Trainers

  • Get trained by our experts to become Epilepsy First Aid Trainer . Then disseminate knowledge of how to respond to seizures and administer basic first aid to individuals, caregivers, and community members.

Event Organization

  • Plan and participate in fundraising events by volunteering your time and skills to organize events that raise funds for National Epilepsy Centre for continued provision of epilepsy services, research or awareness campaigns.

Helpline &  Counselling Services

  • Volunteer to set up helplines through phone or online helplines and offer support in providing guidance to those affected by epilepsy.
  • If you have relevant qualifications, volunteer to provide counselling services for individuals and families dealing with the challenges of epilepsy.

Social Media &  Content Creation

  • Manage or contribute to social media accounts to share accurate information, personal stories, and resources related to epilepsy.
  • Develop blog posts, videos, or other creative materials to spread awareness and share stories of resilience and hope.

Research Assistance

  • Volunteer your time to support research initiatives focused on epilepsy, either by participating in studies or helping with data collection and analysis.
Remember, before getting involved, it’s essential to understand your own skills, limitations, and the specific needs of the community you aim to support. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, and your efforts can contribute to improving the lives of individuals affected by epilepsy.