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Life is What We Make it

A public face for epilepsy helps boost an awareness capaign. Comprehensive Epilepsy Control Programme of Pakistan is fortunate to have three renowned personalities, who have made great achievements despite having epilepsy.
Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi, had epilepsy since he was a young adult. Yet, his achievements as a humanitarian and social worker in our nation and extending to countries during times of natural or man-created disasters remain unmatched. He has been a great morale booster and inspiration to people with epilepsy and their families.
Nadia Jamil, a versatile television actor and a voice for injustice towards children and women in the country continues to have a wholesome life despite having epilepsy. She has had seizures during her work in front of her colleagues but that has not deterred her from doing excellent quality work very professionally in the entertainment industry.
Suhaee Abro, a talented classical dancer and television actor has had epilepsy since her teenage years. She never concealed her epilepsy for which she faced some obstruction in her passion for dance training. But she did not lose hope and achieved what she aspired to.