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Bridging The Treatment Gap

Epilepsy is treatable, yet a life-long disorder in many. A very regular uninterrupted intake of quality-assured medicines is mandatory for the treatment of epilepsy. Most people with epilepsy visiting CECP-NEC are non-affording and hence the centre has taken it upon itself to provide medicines free of cost to all deserving registered people with epilepsy monthly. The CECP-NEC Drug Bank has been operational since October 2007.
The functioning of the Drug Bank has only been possible through the generous donations of philanthropists, individuals, and organizations under their CSR activity.  


CECP-NEC provides all conventional first-generation anti-seizure medications and some newer drugs. Dispensing of quality-assured medicines is ensured by purchasing medicines from reputable suppliers. Since the NGO tries to purchase drugs at the lowest competitive price, we also ensure their quality by independent impartial quality assurance. A computerized audit of the Drug Bank is done daily. Every single tablet dispensed is documented. All accounts of the Drug Bank are transparent and available at a moment’s notice to any existing or potential donor who wishes to see them.