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Epilepsy is a clinical diagnosis, which requires a detailed description of the sequence of events that occur before, during and immediately after a seizure. A specialized clinic contributes towards a better understanding of seizures, appropriate choice of drug and comprehensive follow-up for treatment given.


National Epilepsy Centre (CECP-NEC) formally started OPD services in April 2007. An average of 65 PWEs visit the OPD every day for follow-up and medicines. An average of 05 new persons with epilepsy (PWEs) get registered on each workday.


PWEs are seen on a first come first serve basis. Sufficient time is given to all in a relaxed, comfortable, and private environment, enabling them and their caretakers to discuss all matters in privacy. Clinical history and each follow-up visit are documented on a structured history sheet which is later electronically archived. Counselling is an important aspect of epilepsy management at CECP-NEC. Follow-up visits are scheduled monthly; earlier if required.


Epilepsy clinics run Monday to Saturday (except Sunday and all government holidays) between 0900 hrs.-1300 hrs.